Taking care about the waste from processing

Mineração Pará Tungstênio has a careful operation of waste material disposal in order to minimize environmental impacts.

The first part of the operation is of the material discarded after the first jig. It will be deposited in a conical heap next to the processing unit. A canal will be built surrounding this heap for collecting and carrying water, drained by gravity. The material from this heap can be used as the basis for roads in the mine and even regional roads, the raw material can be used for civil construction.

The second discarded material is the after the second stage of jigging. In the same way it will be stored in a conical heap with canal for draining water. The material in this heap will be used as artificial sand in civil construction.


Monitoring activities in order not to compromise the Salobro River’s water quality. All water, drinkable or not used during the mining process will be obtained using the most conscious technologies possible to make best its use:

The water used in processing will be fully recycled, and reused within the plant. The water collected in the pit, in turn, will be used to supply the water needs in processing and used in spraying equipment to reduce dust and for the sprinkler truck for the roads in the mine.

Water for human consumption will be extracted from wells and treated using appropriate filtration systems and available at workstations, front gates, restaurants and the infirmary.

Water used for human consumption and in the industrial kitchen will be collected after use and placed in a sewage treatment station before being reused for dust abatement operations in the summer months and accumulated in the winter months.

Social Area

Establishment of partnership agreements for training people in mining and other activities of interest to the community.


Established a control plan of the animal species (birds) in the mine region.


Established a control plan of archaeological sites in the region.